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android gamesYou will have had to have been living under a rock for the last few weeks to not have realized that developer Niantic has started rolling out the wonderful Pokémon Go gaming experience across the world. My iPhone 6 Plus runs incredibly slow with iOS 9, I installed it the first day so it’s not an ‘indexing’ thing, I have set it up as new, I have tried everything – it runs much slower than iOS 8 ever did. Don’t assume you’re speaking for everybody, so if you want to rant, go ahead, but as far as I’m concerned iOS 9 is snappy, fluid and stable, on an iPad Air and iPhone 6. I’m happy, but I don’t assume everyone is or should be like me, so keep your opinions to yourself. For the record, my opinion is iOS 9 is crap and turned my iPhone 5s into an iPhone 4. I moved from Samsung S4 mini to iPhone 5s and it was my frist iPhone.

The game is rich with historical detail, including more than 800 unit types, detailed terrain representations, and a rules engine that strikes a great balance between strategic depth and accessibility. A game not on here that I like is Wordy Bee, new on iOS – it’s a free, social word game on a hexagonal board, where you try android games to take more letter tiles than the opponent. It’s a game where you combine letters on a 7×7 grid into words for a high score, sometimes against a timer, against a word limit, or while fighting off wasps. Well I’ve done it – releasing the free game Crow’s Quest on iOS – and you can too.

But it’s hard to get too high and mighty about free hints and tips, as everyone gets stuck at the same point in a game every now and then, often rendering your new purchase impotent as you repeatedly bash your head against seemingly impenetrable walls. Most focus more on the consoles or computer games, but there are plenty of App Store titles out there with cheat codes ready for exploiting.

We recently showed you how to jailbreak your iPhone without even having to connect to a computer, so it’s not very difficult to do. Not everyone is comfortable jailbreaking though, and if that’s the case then this hack isn’t for you. Icomania is an incredibly fun new word-based puzzle game from the makers of the 4 Pics 1 Word. But the single-player mode boasts decent AI, which makes the game quite challenging.

The simplest method is to use a web browser on your iPad or iPhone and play the web-based Flash version of the game. Search for the Flappy Bird game in the list and then tap the iCloud symbol to download it to your device. If it so happens that none of your friends ever installed Flappy Bird then your only choice is to search online world at war wwe 2 mod apk for flappy bird ipa” and install the game manually. Now if you’re not looking to cheat the game we recommend checking out these of Flappy Bird tips and tricks we’ve compiled. If virtual D-pads and tilt controls make you fume in iOS racers, Pico Rally’s a better bet.