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Miasmata [PC] Crack patch serial key

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What’s cool about it:
Freedom to explore and discover the innermost secrets hidden on the island of Eden.
Use landmarks, such as ruins and statues, to triangulate your location using the unique cartography system.
Run lab experiments on the various plant and fungal specimens in order to find a cure for what ails you.
Day 1: I crashed upon the shores of the Eden this morning, rejected by the sea. Plague is coursing through my veins and I will die soon if I cannot discover a cure.

Day 5: I am being hunted by a mysterious creature. It stalks me day and night. I cannot let my guard down, for he is a cunning and intelligent adversary.

Day 9: Plague is ravaging my body now. It hunts me down just as the creature does. But, there is hope yet. I have been making progress in my search for a cure. I will need to do more scientific research and experimentation, but I am convinced this island holds the miracle I seek.

Miasmata is a game of survival, exploration and discovery. During your adventure, you’llencounter a mysterious and deadly creature. This creature can stalk you for miles, lurkingbehind grasses and vegetative cover. By treading carefully and quietly, you may be able toelude the creature. If you’re careless, however, you will be forced to confront the

creature head-on. Exploration is a key component to Miasmata, so you will need to make full use of an interesting cartography system. You can use landmarks, such as ruins and statues, to triangulate your location and construct a map of Eden’s boundaries and contours.

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