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Capcom fans are probably looking for the next version of Monster Hunter Online.
Unfortunately, Capcom’s next multiplayer title on PC is a team based PvP game called Ixion
Saga. I remember participating in the very first Alpha Test of this game and enjoyed every
minute of it. For those of you who want to learn more about this game then make sure you
check out my old school preview of it. Though I am sure the game has gone through massive
changes by now. Ixion Saga will be kicking off its’ Open Beta test today and will require a
Japanese Capcom or Hangame account.

Registering for this game should be very simple since it is a Japanese game. I would
totally recommend this game to people who are PvP fanatics, if I remember correctly latency
didn’t pose much of an issue. The Ixion Saga “Game Start” button may have an IP block, so
just letting you guys know before hand! Oh and I think they are going to have an Anime
adaptation for this game.

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