The year is 2028 and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Help John Connor in the war to save the human race in the official game of the new movie Terminator Genisys. Escape from the Skynet prison camp and fight the machines in this action-packed sci-fi shooter!


  • Choose from hundreds of missions!
  • Battle your way through stunningly-rendered, post-apocalyptic locations
  • Use your tactical prowess against a wide range of deadly enemies
  • Easy-to-use, responsive mobile controls


  • Amass a wide variety of present-day and futuristic weapons
  • Switch between Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles and take control of the battlefield
  • Level up your weapons with High Explosives, Depleted Uranium, Plasma, and Electrical munitions
  • Use Rockets, Grenades, and EMPs against the enemy


  • Join the Resistance and get promoted to higher ranks
  • Fight alongside key Resistance members from the film
  • Immersive storyline written by world-renowned sci-fi writer Dan Abnett
  • High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!

What’s In The MOD:

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★ Unlimited Gold

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Terminator Genisys: Revolution apk hack tool will surely be the big hit this summer. Glu has developed a game for iPhone / iPad and Android and we cracked the code to give you unlimited gold cheats! If you want to unlock more stuff in the game we highly recommend downloading our free Terminator Genisys android mod! The files is now available for install on all kind of devices! This trainer works even on non-rooted phones!


This Genisys Terminator: Revolution is available in soft launch in some countries via Google Play. The story was written by Dan Abnett. The player will be on the side of the resistance, John Connor and has to help save the world of machines! This is a third-person shooter that looks a bit like Frontline Commando of the same company. The game features hundreds of missions. Glu announces various weapons from the present and future. These weapons can even be improved. It will be possible to communicate with other players. Remember to get the modded Terminator Genisys apk files if you want to unlock the strongest weapon in this gem and activate some amazing cheat codes!


Genisys Terminator: Revolution for iPhone / iPad and Android is a free-to-play, with optional in-app purchases and advertising. An Internet connection is necessary to play this game. The global launch date was communicated, and pre-registration can be done on Google Play, with a Welcome Pack available containing a large, a battery and a pharmacy. Go get it right now!

Hello there and welcome! Let me present you the new Terminator Genisys Revolution Hack, before I go further on with this I want to tell you one thing, you sure are done searching the entire internet for non-working and fake cheats. This tool will be the miracle you’re looking for, and indeed, you’ll be able to download this with just a few clicks. Simple as that. Downloading this Terminator Genisys Revolution Hack only takes about 1-2 minutes and poof, you have yourself a a lot of extra resources for your selected game, isn’t that just great? Of course that is. Generating Unlimited Gold was not ever easier! Anyway the download button can be found below, just do as instructed and you will receive the long needed resources within a couple of minutes!

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Last and not least, we’ve got to provide you with the good stuff right? Get Unlimited Gold for Terminator Genisys Revolution with your great hack, you will be able to get as many resources since you need, without having limits, just with a few clicks and boom, you got yourself all the resources you dreamed about. It usually takes about 2 minutes for your resources to appear in your account after you have finished while using the tool. So yeah, that sums everything up, proceed to download the Terminator Genisys Revolution Hack manufactured by PlusCheats.com and brag for your friends with all the resources that you still have. If you need any additional assistance it is possible to always email us and that we will get to you in the shortest time possible. The download and taking advantage of instructions are below, hit the Download button and initiate ruling the overall game the way you desire to rule it!

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